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Our Bird Aviaries

Bird Boarding - Available Now
Birds attract the base rate of $10* per day for Canaries and up to $20* per day for Macaws.
Daily rate offers the following inclusions:
  • Includes fresh daily seed, nectar, fruit and vegies (3 Days a week).
  • Cages cleaned daily.
  • Special dietary requirements as directed by you, the owner.
  • Medication administered, where required and requested.
  • Human interaction for tame and hand raised birds.
  • Outdoor aviaries are available as needed. Contact us for further details.
We would ask that you do not bring along your bird's cage and toys, as we have plenty of clean high quality cages available for all sizes of birds. Please talk to our staff at the time of booking should you wish to bring your own cage.
Rate Details:
Canary/Finch/Budgie/Lovebird-- $10*
Cockatiel/Plum Head/Moustache/Princess 
Lorikeet/Conure/IRN/Caique/28/Crimson Wing -- $12*
Galah/Eastern King/Alex/Major Mitchell/Ecky/corella -- $15*
Sulphur Crested/Red Tail/Macaw -- $20*
Do you have further questions about our bird boarding? Check out our FAQ page or you can get in contact with us via our Enquiries page.
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